Company History

FunSpecs Co., founded in 1994 by Judith Mussel in Spartanburg, South Carolina, moved thirty miles north to Columbus, North Carolina in 2007. The business was acquired by Condar Company, a respected manufacturing and marketing firm headquartered there since 1996.

"Years ago I worked with Judy Mussel, an amazing design professional and a wonderful person," says Michael McCue, President of Condar, "When I learned of her passing, I wanted to honor her legacy and continue her attractive product line."

A native of Michigan, Judith Mussel graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in design and later received her Master of Arts from Wayne State University. In 1979 she moved with her husband to the Carolinas, where she first established JM Graphics, a marketing consulting firm. In 1994 she founded FunSpecs, which was her passion until her death from progressive bone cancer, resulting from breast cancer. During her thirteen years of leadership she developed FunSpecs as the premier source for high quality, stylish reading glasses in a range of colorful and fashionable styles. She was a tireless advocate for the causes of women, and among her numerous awards Judy was recognized for her successful fundraising on behalf of the Rape Crisis Center from the Council on Sexual Assault.

FunSpecsTM operated as an online marketer until April 2, 2019. Its inventory is no longer available.

FunSpecs is a trademark of Condar Company.


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